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Cathy Katona

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Photographs from around our world

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I tell the stories of those celebrating together, each approached differently to reflect the variety of stories we share with others.  

Each live performance brings together performers and audience in a new combination; each time creating a unique ambiance of its own.  

A goal I have in life is to have been to as many countries as I have years in age.  I won't reveal my age, but I am just slightly behind at 40 countries.

Africa thrives with life, energy and excitement. My photos capture the beauty of the cultures and the stories of Africa's people. 

Cathy Katona’s travels are driven by her passion to document our world and those with whom we share it.  Katona uses photography as a means of sharing, educating and encouraging people to recognize and appreciate our planet’s rich diversity.

​Her on-going growing portfolio “Photographs from around our world” is a compilation of her travels, which to date includes visits to over 40 countries.  Her 1998 exhibit in Washington DC, “Reconciliations with Home”, featured photos from Kenya taken between 1991 and 1993 while she was conducting animal behavior research on wild hyenas and living amongst the Maasai.  She captured her long-lasting friendship with the Maasai during her reunion with them in 2008 and 2010 in her book “The Maasai of Talek”.  In 1999-2000 she traveled around the world to document the end of the 20th century by recording views on the changing millennia through 50 portraits counting down the last 50 days of 1999.  In 2000 she trekked to the top of the world, hiking up over 17,000 feet to Gokyo Ri for a view of Mt. Everest.  Throughout each journey the camera is her loyal constant companion.


Whether you are looking for a photograph to hang on your wall, or a present for a friend, purchase a photo from my Africa or Travel Portfolios.


Professional experience shooting musical performances, weddings and other events.*

*Images in these portfolios are not available for purchase.